Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Things & Ehhhh Things

Here are few things that I've been jotting down in my BlackBerry Notepad just for fun... I use happy lightly because they are just light-hearted things that bring simple, momentary pleasure. And I use ehhhh lightly because there are so much more serious things in life, but every once in while you just go, "Really?" in an ehhhh kind of way. In a given day, we experience both, and often, in the exact same moment. Life is that way. So, here we go...

Happy Things...
-When Starbucks makes your drink twice and they give you both
-Getting to give that drink away to my Dad and here him reply, "Sure, Taylor!" in his I'm enthused, but should I be? way, followed by, "What is it?"
-Waking up rested
-Laughing so hard
-Concept of the drive-thru
-Hearing this quote from a customer on my voicemail, "Just confirming all of this to make sure we're all singin' outta the same hymnal"
-Hearing proper and sophisticated Mallory use the word "peep" or "peeps" (and no, not the marshmellows) enough to say that she uses it on a regular basis
-Hearing and saying the words, "antithesis, synopsis, and legit"

Ehhhh Things...
-When Starbucks makes your drink wrong and you feel rushed because it is 8:30am and there are no less than four cars behind you, so you drive away thankful that you able to have Starbucks even if it's not what you wanted.
-Waking up and having to rush around. Very quickly. More than the rush that is sometimes the normal rush
-A dying cell-phone battery
-The word "ehhhh" is kind of "ehhhh" after you read and type it numerous times

....I'll have to come back when I my "Ehhh" list fills up. I thought I had more, but do not at the moment.

Add your own in the comments.